Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Pressure and Temperature Instruments - Reliable, Rugged, Accurate

liquid filled industrial process control pressure gauge
Liquid Filled Pressure Gauge
Courtesy Wika
One of the great lines we handle at MS Jacobs & Associates is Wika Instrument. With an extensive offering of pressure and temperature instruments ranging from mechanical gauges to transmitters and calibration software and instruments, the Wika line has long been a complement to MSJ's deep involvement in the process measurement and control field. As part of the company's commitment to customers, MS Jacobs maintains its status as an authorized WIKA Instrument Pressure Gauge and Seal Assembler and can do direct gauge/seal assembly as well as Remote Mount Capillary Pressure and Level Systems. This provides customers with locally based technical support and the ability to combine instruments with the accessories that formulate a useful working installation.

Take a few minutes, just a few, to watch the video included below. You will see that Wika has a broad offering in the temperature and pressure measurement sphere, as well as a superior level of commitment to producing the finest instrumentation for every level of application complexity.

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