BriskHeat Electric Heater, Control, and Insulation 2022-23 Product Catalog

BriskHeat Electric Heater, Control, and Insulation 2022-23 Product Catalog

BriskHeat is in the business of manufacturing heating elements, controllers, and accessories for various applications. They provide heating solutions for applications in many different industries, including the petrochemical industry, the semiconductor industry, the food processing industry, the biotechnology industry, aviation, the steel industry, laboratories, and power generation. Their solutions address a variety of difficulties, including control of viscosity, prevention of condensation, process heating, and protection against freezing. BriskHeat is a leading innovator on a global scale in the fields of heat trace and flexible surface heat applications for pipelines, vessels, pumps, and valves, among other things.

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The Rotork YT-3400 Smart Valve Positioner

The Rotork YT-3400 Smart Valve Positioner

Rotork has improved its range of smart positioners to offer enhanced diagnostic and operating abilities, making these positioners an ideal solution for on/off valve applications where detailed diagnostics are required.

The YT-3400 smart valve positioner has undergone extensive hardware and software development. Valve signature, advanced step tests, and Partial Stroke Test (PST) operates from local or remote positions. Local display and push buttons allow fast setting and commissioning operations. The printed circuit board, chip, and electrical components are updated to increase calculation speed, reactiveness, and dynamic performance.

The YT-3400 no longer uses gears, reducing mechanical hysteresis and potential wear, resulting in more precise positioning around the set point.

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New Manufacturer Partner - ARCA Valves

ARCA Valves

M.S. Jacobs & Associates, Inc. is happy to announce its appointment as an official ARCA Valves distributor. ARCA Valves has garnered global renown for its innovative technology and established quality since its foundation over a century ago. ARCA's pneumatically and electrically operated control valves provide high value for many industrial applications. They meet the rigors of many challenging applications in various industries, including power plants, chemical plants, pharmaceutical and food processing, and steel mills. 

Thanks to its excellent vertical integration, ARCA's manufacturing process is versatile and has a high supply capacity. ARCA manufactures and supplies valves with nominal diameters up to 48" and pressure ratings of over 5,000 PSIG for high-pressure applications. 

ARCA's technological leadership is built on 90 years of expertise and ongoing innovation, evidenced by several patents. The factory's output, which is of the highest technical quality and certified to appropriate quality standards, ensures a high level of dependability.

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