Electric Power Where There Is No Grid

Humankind's quest to continually do more than has been done before takes engineers and technicians, along with their equipment, instruments, and other gear, to all corners of the Earth. Wherever the project goes, electric power will be needed to power it. Unless the needs are short term and very small, a reliable means to produce electric power on site must be put in place to operate equipment, instruments, and other systems necessary for the installation to function as needed.

The potential applications for remote power are vast, ranging from simple land based off-grid locations to ocean platforms, even polar stations. Industrial process measurement and control is found everywhere, which means that sometimes you need to provide the power to operate your own measurement and control equipment. To some, this will be a new challenge to their project management, design, or implementation skills.

Gentherm Global Power Technologies is not only the world leader in thermoelectric generation for remote power systems, they also employ solar and engine driven generator sets in their turnkey systems that can be specifically tailored to your application and installation site. As providers of a wide range of generation technologies, Gentherm is in a unique position to propose the most reliable and cost effective solution for each particular project. Become familiar with this company. You never know where your next project may be located.

A short video, included below, will get you started. You can also contact a product specialist to discuss any aspects of applying the technology.