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Industrial Input and Output (I/O) Modules

Industrial Input and Output (I/O) Modules

In industrial applications, input and output (I/O) modules monitor and control both analog and discrete signals.

Analog signals are continuous signals that vary over time, such as temperature, pressure, or voltage, and analog input modules monitor these signals. These modules convert the analog signals into a digital form that the control system can process. A programmable logic controller (PLC) or a distributed control system (DCS) receives the converted signals for monitoring and control purposes.

Discrete signals, on the other hand, have only two states: on/off, open/closed, or high/low. Discrete input modules monitor these signals. These modules detect changes in the state of the discrete signals and communicate this information to the control system.

Analog output modules process analog signals. They receive digital calls from the control system and convert them into analog signals that control analog devices such as actuators or motors.

Discrete output modules control discrete signals. They receive digital calls from the control system to activate or deactivate discrete devices such as relays, solenoids, or valves.

In summary, I/O modules monitor and control analog and discrete signals in industrial applications. They allow for the conversion of signals from the physical world into a form that can be processed by the control system and vice versa, enabling real-time monitoring and control of industrial processes.

Acromag’s I/O and signal conditioning lines feature more than 100 transmitters, isolators, alarms, and computation modules for process control applications. If networked I/O is required, Acromag offers analog and discrete I/O modules for Ethernet, Modbus, and Profibus.

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King Instrument Rotameter and Flowmeter Catalog

MS Jacobs King Instrument

King Instrument Company focuses on building the most accurate, versatile, and economical rotameters possible. They build a wide variety of glass flowmeters, stainless steel flowmeters, acrylic, polysulfone and PVC flowmeters. Product options include borosilicate glass metering tubes, 4-20mA output, NPT or flange connections, alarm options; 4-20mA transmitter output, inductive ring sensors, fiber optic sensors, latching reed switches, and inductive slot sensors.


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Leading the Way in Instrumentation and Control Since 1945

M.S. Jacobs and Associates is a leading manufacturer's representative and distributor of industrial instrumentation and controls serving Western Pennsylvania, West Virginia, and New York State. Since 1945, the company's dedication to the industrial market has resulted in a broad offering of superior quality products for flow, level, pressure, and temperature measurement, as well as filtration products. M.S. Jacobs is known for solving tough applications and providing exceptional customer service with a team of highly trained outside and inside personnel.

MS Jacobs' products have contributed to the success of all major industrial markets, including power generation, chemical processing, pulp and paper, oil and gas production, water and wastewater treatment, and nuclear power generation. For over 70 years, M.S. Jacobs has continuously been there, providing support and service to their customers.